Wordless Wednesday 10

Every Wednesday, bloggers around the world share photos that tell a story without words.


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  1. Cheryl says:

    So many pictures of the King out there but this one has magically captured something special about the man, the genious. Love it, Allyson.

    • Allyson Latta says:

      I fooled you — as I’d hoped to do! This is an Elvis tribute artist I spotted during a private moment at the Collingwood Elvis Festival. I couldn’t believe how much he looked like the King, including his stance, and I liked the unstaged backdrop … Home Depot.

  2. carin says:

    I wondered too. So realistic, but something else didn’t seem 50’s… maybe the implied size of the building because of that large blank wall (a grocery store, I thought). But that’s the beauty of the photo. It looks real with a just a hint of “hmmmm…”

    This is my favourite of yours so far.
    Poster quality.

    • Allyson Latta says:

      Thanks, Carin! I’m glad it made you wonder. That should be our Wordless Wednesday motto: “Photos with just a hint of hmmm …”
      The backdrop was just generic enough that it worked. If he’d been standing on a street corner it would have been obvious the photo was taken recently.

  3. Mary says:

    I knew it was only a rumour. He lives.

  4. Um…what were you doing at an Elvis tribute concert? Ha ha ha!
    I love this. What an amazing moment to capture. I love the symmetry of the shopping carts, the inanimate background for such an animation. Love it in b & w too, a faux classic moment. Or I suppose now the tributes have entered the realm of classic. What an eye you have, wow!

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