Wordless Wednesday 28; and Geist’s 9th Annual Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest

Every picture tells a story — in fact, to the writer with imagination, many possible stories. Choose an image and tell yours for Geist magazine’s unique postcard story contest. But time’s running out!

March 1 is the deadline. Check out 9th Annual Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest. “A postcard story starts not with words, but an image. The image can be from a store, an online resource, your own creativity or received in the mail. Find a postcard that inspires you and inspires a story. A short story.”

Meanwhile, speaking of pictures and stories, here’s my Wordless Wednesday photo for this week.


© 2011 Allyson Latta

© 2011 Allyson Latta


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  1. This has all the hallmarks of an adventure! Will the story be your contribution to Geist?

    • Elizabeth, I didn’t submit to the contest myself. I wish I’d known about it sooner. By the time I heard I was immersed in a couple of big editing projects and barely had time to post my WW photo. I’ll be very interested to see the Geist winning story and corresponding postcard/image! And maybe they’ll run the contest again next year. We should all enter.

  2. carin says:

    Well, if the pictures are meant to make us curious for ‘story’, this one definitely does. First question: is it by accident or design that it ended up on boulders? Or is it a trick of the eye?
    You’ve definitely got the Hmmm factor, Allyson!

    • No, it’s not a trick of the eye. And I can only assume this was by design, although I don’t know how on earth the driver did it, or why.

      My husband and I were hiking in Sedona, where we’d gone for vacation after my Tucson writers’ retreat. We were out in the middle of nowhere when we came upon this Jeep. Soon after, we met a few boisterous young guys hiking nearby — and made a wild guess that the vehicle, and the unusual parking job, was theirs.

  3. Were you out for a Wednesday drive, Allyson?

  4. Cheryl says:

    I’m a hard core Jeep fan, Allyson, but I haven’t tried anything like this. Don’t you just LOVE that shade of red!

    • This should probably carry a warning: Don’t try this at home. Yes, I love the colour. I don’t think the photo would be as effective if the Jeep weren’t red. (I have a thing about red.)

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