Bound by a Moment: an essay by Dale Synnett-Caron (published in the Globe’s “Facts & Arguments”)

“Recognize anyone?” my cousin asks on Facebook.

I click on a series of photos that chronicle Justin Trudeau’s life, and among them is a shot from 1973. Pierre Elliott Trudeau walks toward the camera, cradling a young Justin under his arm like a football, while at left a uniformed RCMP officer performs a smart salute.

What rivets my attention is the man in the background, following 10 paces behind the then-Prime Minister — a handsome, mustached fellow in a dark suit — unobtrusive yet vigilant….

Read Dale’s entire essay, published in Facts & Arguments, The Globe and Mail (June 13, 2013), here:

A snapshot from my dad’s “Trudeau years” helped me face my grief


Dale headshotDALE SYNNETT-CARON has 20+ years experience managing internal and external communications in both the private and public sector, particularly in the areas of change management and organizational communications. The written word is an integral part of her professional and personal life. In addition to her personal writing, Dale helped to bring her father’s memoirs to fruition — editing and coordinating production of a book on his behalf.

Dale was our yoga instructor, as well as a writing-workshop participant, during Spice Isle Writing & Yoga Retreat, held in Grenada in April of this year.

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  1. Christine Barbetta says:

    Thank you Allyson for posting this link on your page.

    Dale, now that I have wiped the tears from reading your beautifully crafted essay, thank YOU for sharing the story and poignant memory of a special time. You are a woman of many talents (wonderful yoga sessions) and I hope to read more of your writing. Judging by the many comments in the Globe and Mail, it may be time for a second – public – edition of your father’s memoir.
    Thank you for a wonderful start to the Father’s Day weekend.

    • Dale says:

      Hello Christine, Thank you for your positive comments. The essay never would have happened without Allyson’s encouragement, and the time I spent on the writers’ retreat building confidence to do something like this! I would not be surprised if our fathers did know each other in those VIP security years.

      It was so nice to see you at Antonellas. Look forward to seeing you and Mike again. I hope it all works out so we can ‘lime’ together in Grenada once again.



  2. Rick Brazeau says:

    Congratulations, Dale. Great piece.

    • Dale says:

      Thank you Rick – it was a cathartic experience to write it, and icing on the cake that it got published. Have a great summer!


  3. Mary Catalfo says:

    Dale, this is lovely!

    • Dale says:

      Hi Mary, thank you – what a great experience it was to write and have this essay published. The positive comments are so appreciated, and unexpected. My dad would have been so proud:)

      It was nice to see you on Saturday — Looking good;)


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