Will Come the Words: Christy Ann Conlin’s creative space

This series, Will Come the Words: Writers & Their Creative Spaces, sprang out of my recent visit to the home of freelance lifestyles and food writer Stephanie Dickison and a discussion about how our creative spaces reflect our personalities and influence our writing. I’ve received numerous enthusiastic responses to her introduction (read it here) via this site, Facebook, and e-mail, and clearly she’s made many readers think more deeply about their writing spaces — what they like and what works and/or how they might change things up.

In coming weeks we’ll enjoy a peek at the creative spaces of a cross-section of writers, authors, and poets from coast to coast, including Michelle Berry, Robert Rotenberg, Gail Gallant, Barbara Lambert, and Catherine Graham. Today we drop in on adult and young-adult fiction author Christy Ann Conlin. 

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CHRISTY ANN CONLIN lives and writes in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, about ten minutes from the Bay of Fundy.

What I like about my space:

I love the light in my writing room. The windows face west, and north. There are great morning shadows and then bright afternoon light, and dramatic sunsets and twilights. I also love the built-in bookshelves!

What I write:

I write novels, short stories, essays, memory letters to my seven-year-old son, and e-mails. I also do editing in this writing room. I read a lot here as well. And sometimes I sit and stare at the walls and out the windows.



My favourite writing quote:

This is my quote of the season. Different quotes speak to me at different times.

A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” ~ E.B. White

My creative space online:



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