Wordless Wednesday photo: 64

Need a writing prompt? Look no further. (And, yes, I am in denial about this winter weather. So here’s a breath of spring.)

Each week on Wordless Wednesday, bloggers around the world post a photo they’ve taken that tells a story. If my photo brings to mind a memory or inspires your creative writing, I hope you’ll share a comment below.


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©2010 Allyson Latta


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for that fresh breath of spring, Allyson! The ponies look sleepy in the warm, brilliant sunlight!

    • Allyson Latta says:

      They do look sleepy and happy, don’t they. I’d forgotten about this photo, and then stumbled on it recently and the colours quite cheered me up. I hoped they would others too. Thanks, Cheryl.

  2. Lovely introduction to “The Year of the Horse” Allyson. Gung Hei Fat Choy! (To you and all!) And how beautiful they are, two “pinto ponies”, looking so amiable. I wish I had an apple to offer them. A lovely shot.

  3. Barbara says pinto, also called ‘paint’, or in Britain they call them ‘coloured’ horses; these two are ‘skewbald’ (white with any colour other than black – which would be ‘piebald’), the one at left a bay or ‘tri-coloured’ skewbald, at right, chestnut. Then there are pattern names like tobiano, overo, sabino – these are both tobiano, I think. Nice rich colours in this photo, too, Allyson!

  4. What a nice flash forward Allyson! When you are in the middle of a monochromatic season, you forget how rich and tender the colours of spring are! And those ponies are just as pleased as can be with the sun on their backs.

  5. carin says:

    More horses! Just came from Barbara’s site. Oh, this IS fun.
    The clarity of this shot boggles my mind. The intensity of blues and yellows and horse colour. [I can hear Sheila cringing… horse colour???] (;

    And, yes, so nice to be reminded that dandelions DO exist. And will return. Salad!!

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