Wordless Wednesday photo: 75

Need a writing prompt? Look no further. Each week on Wordless Wednesday, bloggers around the world post a photo they’ve taken that tells a story. If my photo brings to mind a memory or inspires your creative writing, I hope you’ll share a comment below.


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  1. PLOPPPPP???? Or is he a frog? Just a tiny bit dark to be able to say for sure. And what a sweet heart-shaped shadow he casts. I love the sparkles on the water, and the really ghostly look of the lily pads, is this “real” or a clever photo illusion? Beautiful start of summer scene.

    • Allyson Latta says:

      Barbara, I wondered if that darker leaf might be distracting in the photo, and it seems it is. I kind of liked the heart-shaped shadow — however, I don’t think there’s a frog in there or anything else plopping. 🙂 Your comment had me scrutinizing it to see if I’d missed something, which is always possible!

      No illusions or post-production on this one, just bright morning sun on a lily pond.

  2. I actually thought it might be a frog too – the dark leaf with the heart shaped shadow – but I don’t think it’s a distraction. It just adds a bit of intrigue as well as highlighting the pale glimmer of the other leaves and the overall effect is really beautiful – very Japanese somehow, and could be a gorgeous fabric design.

  3. carin says:

    I like the way this is almost B&W, as if that indigo and dark green would need very little persuasion to become various shades of grey… and the light would remain exactly as it is. Magic.

  4. carin says:

    Those lily pads look like tiny silver platters… water nymph style.

  5. Oh my goodness, Allyson, pure silver lily pads – what a treat! Please tell me you’ll think about printing this and framing it – it belongs on a wall. Absolute magic.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Love the dazzle and sparkle of this shot, Allyson!

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