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Need a writing prompt? Look no further. Each week on Wordless Wednesday, bloggers around the world post a photo they’ve taken that tells a story. If my photo brings to mind a memory or inspires your creative writing, I hope you’ll share a comment below.


©2014 Allyson Latta

©2014 Allyson Latta


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  1. What a serene summer scene. And lovely composition. The line of the mowed fields curving off on the right, meeting the “straight” ones to the left, that lead directly to the beautiful “starry” barn. I can smell the mown hay, the fresh morning air (with just the faintest, revivifying whiff of cow!).

  2. Sigh, how lovely… and perfect. I’m always so impressed that people create these beautiful scenes on farms where they must be beyond busy. At first I thought it was in the Maritimes, but I see it’s Ontario, but is that an Acadian star? I breathe and smell that fresh mown lawn and the cows and the still blue sky.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Such deep, rich and luscious shades of green in this pastoral scene, Allyson. Love the repition of strong colours and shapes … great comp.

  4. carin says:

    Striking palette. That green and blue is gorgeous and, not counting the white, there’s not another colour in the shot, which is really quite something. I mean, not even a shovel or a red wellie. Very tidy crowd this. And I agree with Allison, that it’s always amazing to think how much ‘extra’ work it must take to keep such grounds tidy. As for storyline, I’d opt for tyranny here. There’s someone wielding a big stick, insisting every blade of grass is in its place. I base this partly on what my mother told me about growing up on a tidy farm…

  5. carin says:

    So that’s what it is. An Acadian Star. We noticed it scattered about PEI… assumed it was a secret code for cult members indicating safe houses. But that’s just us. (:

  6. Beautiful, Allyson, and I’ve spent my whole life hoping I ended up somewhere like this (tidy or not)! Still waiting…

    Btw, it’s ‘just’ a star. The Acadian star is yellow and on the flag has a red, white and blue background.

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