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Each week on Wordless Wednesday, bloggers around the world post a photo they’ve taken that tells a story. If my photo brings to mind a memory or inspires your creative writing, I hope you’ll share a comment below.

©2014 Allyson Latta

©2014 Allyson Latta



by Shirley Kolanchey


“How does the moon

hang in the sky?”

she asked expectantly,

her red pigtails


and five-year-old brown eyes

neatly framed by a

white pillow.


I looked

from her bedroom window

over the North Saskatchewan valley

(memories of past loves);

and saw it suspended

over the Rocky Mountains

(whiter and bleaker);

reflecting in Crimson Lake

while the loons cried;

rising from the Pacific ocean

on the California Coast;

saw it alone on the Mexican desert

(oblivious of our bus speeding along that hot night);

simultaneously with the Midnight Sun at Dawson City;

and while the waves lapped at my feet

in the Mediterranean Sea.


“I’ll explain it to you when

you are older”

(I hoped).


An era later

we watched the coloured TV,

one eye on the full moon

in the night sky.

Men on the moon!


The now sophisticated 11-year-old

did not ask,

was no longer impressed.


 *     *     *


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Lovely image, Allyson. The poem by Shirley Kolanchey is delightful.

    • Allyson Latta says:

      Thanks, Cheryl. Shirley is one of my aunts — my dad’s youngest sister, and a great traveller. She wrote this poem many “moons” ago and I’ve always treasured it. I’m the little girl. Was.

      I’m more impressed by the moon now than I was at eleven. 🙂

  2. Oh that’s a wonderful story and poem to accompany the beautiful picture Allyson. I love that you are still impressed with the moon!

  3. Mary says:

    I think it was the red hair and freckles that gave it away. How wonderful that you have your aunt’s poem. It’s impossible to deny the magic of the moon, and even if your aunt said the girl was no longer impressed, she probably was deep inside.

  4. carin says:

    The picture was plenty. That blue sky and the evergreens in the foreground — something about that tells me exactly what temperature the night is. I, too, love the moon. Never tire of seeing it.

    But then you add a poem… and it’s so lovely that I propose that wordless days are opened to such beauty. And who says poems are words? Surely they’re way beyond that…

  5. carin says:

    BTW, the buds on the evergreen, I was once told, are called ‘candles’. Anyone else know them by that name?

  6. I love the poem as well as the photo. The part about seeing the moon from different places reminded me of a story a friend told me recently. As a lovestruck teenager she had a boyfriend in France who phoned her in Newfoundland and said in romantic tones: “It’s a full moon”. She exclaimed in amazement at the coincidence “It is here too!!”

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