Wordless Wednesday photo: 83

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© 2014 Allyson Latta

© 2014 Allyson Latta


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  1. carin says:

    Nice pic. Too bad it lacks colour. (;

    Haha! Gobsmacked, actually, at the you-couldn’t-make-this-up-if-you-tried perfection of colours. Down to the — but of course! — purple guitar. Not to mention the perfection of that face, and that hair. Lovely shot.

    • Allyson Latta says:

      Yes, Carin, I’d have liked a little more colour in this one. 😉

      Seriously, I was so taken with this pretty girl and her guitar. She was playing a short set to entertain the people eating on the patio of a pizza place in Vineyard Haven, one of the towns on Martha’s Vineyard, this summer. We spoke briefly to her mother, who was sitting well back from the performance. She said Zia — that’s the girl’s name, though it may not be the right spelling — was very confident performing. Zia had a lovely voice, wrote some of her own songs, and charmed the audience with banter between songs. The family was from New Jersey and vacationing in the Vineyard. I hope Zia sees this photo someday and likes it — and lets me know her full name so I can credit her properly. I think she’ll go far.

  2. Oh, this just took my breath away in a smiling kind of way Allyson. What a delightful composition with all the bright colour and the beautiful smile of the girl – I can just hear her sweet voice. I love the way the hydrangeas frame her against the red curtain.

    • Allyson Latta says:

      Thanks, Allison. She was beautiful, but it’s devilishly difficult to take a good photo of someone singing. Most of the photos didn’t turn out, and it was no fault of hers.

      And believe it or not, that’s a painted wall (of the pizza place) behind her, not a curtain. Though, it does look like fabric, you’re right.

  3. “Where have all the flowers gone…?” Golly how delightfully evocative. I love the brilliant and truly velvety colours: the curtain against the deep blue gown, and even the guitar having a velvety flowered look, and of course the real true flowers framing her. And surely that is what she is singing. How lovely she is!

    • Allyson Latta says:

      I was paying so much attention to trying to capture her as she was moving about and singing and strumming that I almost didn’t notice all the colours till I looked at the photos later, at home. I mean, I knew she had a lovely backdrop with the hydrangeas — but the rest of it was somewhat fortuitous. And that purple guitar, isn’t that charming?

  4. Mary says:

    Your photo is a story. So easy to imagine the young girl’s dedication to learning to play the guitar, and performing. We want to know where she is, and that’s the mystery in your setting. She’s relaxed, fresh-faced and innocent-looking. I love the colours, too. Primary – except that delicious purple. You even caught the shine on her curls.

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