Wordless Wednesday: April 6, 2016


©2016 Allyson Latta

©2016 Allyson Latta


Each week on Wordless Wednesday, bloggers around the world post a photo they’ve taken that tells a story. I hope this one will bring to mind a memory or stimulate your imagination. Perhaps it will even inspire you to write — memoir, fiction, or a poem. If it does, please let me know in the comments or by email via the Contact tab on my home page!

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And check out this week’s Wordless Wednesday contributions from some of my Canadian writer-photographer friends, coast to coast:

Allison Howard

Barbara Rose Lambert

Carin Makuz (Matilda Magtree)

Cheryl Andrews

Elizabeth Yeoman (Wunderkamera)


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  1. I WANT TO BE THERE!! This picture tells you everything you need to know – Dinner in that fabulous room overhanging the breathtaking falls, the mist adding a gauzy glow to the scene, golden sunset, a glass of wine(?), perhaps a room in the inn?

  2. Cheryl says:

    SImply gorgeous! I love how you captured the reflection of the setting sun in the waterfall mist.

  3. And yes, and yet… The dark silken waters, a hint of drama, a sense too that some scene inside that warm dining room could spin out of control and end in a rather different story? I find this dramatic and thought-provoking and, well, can imagine something almost “John Cheeverish” spinning from this, some strangely tinted life changing event.
    But so beautiful. I would risk all that to be there, too.

  4. carin says:

    This begs story. A tryst gone wrong, a body in the water? Or a simple case of (accidental???) food poisoning in the most luxurious of venues (all the better to lull the victim into unsuspectation) (I’m making words up as I go along). I love where you do your research! And, as usual, your uncanny eye for making places-with-a-view look decadent, has me craving a plate of smoked salmon…

  5. Elizabeth Yeoman says:

    Such beautiful light, and the vignette of two people leaning towards it from their eerie. This photo really makes the viewer long to be there, inside looking out.

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