Allyson Latta Interviewed on TVO’s The Agenda: “The Art of Memoir”

If you missed the original airing of this interview on August 8, 2016, or wish to share it with family or friends you think would be (or should be) interested in memoir writing, you can watch here. It’s also on YouTube.

Of the many lovely comments I received on this, the most meaningful to me were from viewers who said my words inspired them to begin writing their own stories, or to talk to older family members before it’s too late to ask the important questions.

Said William Zinsser: “One of the saddest sentences I know is ‘I wish I had asked my mother about that.’ Or my father. Or my grandmother. Or my grandfather…” — “How to Write a Memoir” (The American Scholar, May 12, 2015)

Don’t wait. There is no right time or place to start. Begin now, and see where your stories lead you.


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