Wordless Wednesday: August 16, 2017


©2017 Allyson Latta

©2017 Allyson Latta

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And my writer-photographer friends, who hail from across the country, British Columbia to Newfoundland, also have some wordlessness to share:

Allison Howard (PhotoAlly)

Barbara Lambert

Carin Makuz (Matilda Magtree)

Cheryl Andrews

Elizabeth Yeoman (Wunderkamera)


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  1. carin says:

    I like the mood here. Day’s end, sunburnt noses, tired muscles, a happy glow and a bottle of something chilled in the not so distant future. That heavy weather is rolling in only makes the whole thing more cosy. I imagine a nearby gazebo to take shelter in and watch the rain. (You really have a knack for shots that inspire relaxation…)

  2. There is something both relaxing and slightly ominous in this one Ally. Perhaps the lovely pool has just been abandoned for the sake of caution or the photographer is squeezing in a few more minutes in the lounge chair before taking cover from the impending storm? I love the way the bright turquoise of the water and bright orange float contrast with the dark skies, and the wind ruffling the patio umbrella is leaning towards the coming storm.

  3. Wonderful moody sky and sense of action and foreboding: the umbrella about to blow over in the wind, the floaty about to be woodshed out of the pool — and the vivid vivid colours of the scene! Terrific.

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