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Photos of Costa Rica Retreat (Winter 2012)

My January 2012 writers’ retreat in Playa Herradura, Costa Rica, was a colourful and activity-filled adventure thanks in large part to host Jamie Wood, owner of Namaste Gardens. A wonderful group of writers followed me down to Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast for this writing and travel experience and I’m grateful for their enthusiasm, their creativity, their willingness to share stories close to their hearts, and their warm support  and encouragement of one another. Thank you, Christine, Rick, Janet, Jerome, Mary, Gina, Amy, Linda, Sylvia, Patrick, Alison, Abbie — and Jamie too.

A special thanks also to our guest speakers, William Deverell and Sandra Shaw Homer, for sharing with us their insights on the writing life. Check out “10 Writing Tips from Author William Deverell (on a Costa Rica morning)” and Sandra Shaw Homer’s beautiful guest post “Writing from the Heart.”

Photos here are by Allyson Latta, Rick Brazeau and Christine Barbetta. Click a photo once to enlarge.

“When I turned in an early draft of this essay, my agent . . . asked, 'Where are all those fun details?' She reminded me of how I had told her the story. . . . I resisted making edits at first; I didn't want to write about my personal observations. But as I ruminated, the essay took on a kind of shape in my mind, rounded out by the details I'd suppressed.”– Marie Mutsuki Mockett, of "Letter from a Japanese Crematorium"