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Photos of Arizona Retreat (Winter 2011)

My January 2011 writers’ retreat in Tucson, Arizona, was a warm and memorable experience thanks to the generosity of host and participant Gail Rudyk, and the rest of the enthusiastic writers who took part: Mary, Julie, Jayne, Ann, Adriana, Sylvia, Monique and Barbara. Thanks too to our entertaining and informative local guest authors, Dan Gilmore and Mary Ellen Barnes.

Have a peek below!

Photos are by Allyson Latta and Mary E. McIntyre. (Click on individual images ONCE to enlarge.) And check out Mary’s series of blog posts about the retreat here.

“When I turned in an early draft of this essay, my agent . . . asked, 'Where are all those fun details?' She reminded me of how I had told her the story. . . . I resisted making edits at first; I didn't want to write about my personal observations. But as I ruminated, the essay took on a kind of shape in my mind, rounded out by the details I'd suppressed.”– Marie Mutsuki Mockett, of "Letter from a Japanese Crematorium"