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Work with Me

While my experience includes editing at various levels — structural, line, and copy editing, as well as proofreading — currently I focus primarily on structural editing of novels and memoirs.

Much of the work I do is for major Canadian publishers and literary agents, but I also coach individual writers (with or without agents) struggling with one or more aspects of a work-in-progress. Depending on your needs, I may suggest one of the following:

  • a one-on-one consult in person or by phone (two-hour minimum)
  • an editorial report with recommendations
  • a full structural and stylistic edit

Be aware that before accepting a project, I’ll request supporting material in order to better understand your story and assess the status of your manuscript and your editorial needs. The following items (drafts are fine) should be based on the most current version of your manuscript:

  • 1- to 2-page synopsis
  • chapter outline
  • 2 sample chapters
  • point-form list via email of issues you’d like to discuss and resolve

It’s not unusual for me to be booked up two to three months in advance, but occasionally schedules shift and create openings. It never hurts to inquire.

If you’d like to find out more about my services, availability, and fees, please contact me at lattamemoirs [at]

For comments from private author clients, see Praise on the homepage.


“But my feeling is that there's no such thing as nonfiction. Everything is fiction, because in the moment someone tries to relate an experience of what happened to them, it's gone. The reality that was felt at the moment is almost impossible to describe. It's one reason why there are writers, to come close to how it felt when it happened.”– Norman Mailer, Interview, The Academy of Achievement, June 12, 2004